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Pantech Vega Racer 2 Announced With LTE, Ceramic Body, HD Screen

Pantech continues to struggle to make a name for itself on the global scene as a smartphone manufacturer, despite releasing several models that, on paper at least, sound like some pretty high-end smartphones. The latest to be revealed is the follow-up to the Vega Racer we first heard about in May of last year, the Snapdragon S4-powered Vega Racer 2. 

Besides a powerhouse of a processor, the Vega Racer 2 will feature a quite large 4.8-inch 720p LCD, andlike the Vega LTE we heard about last fall, the Racer 2 will include an LTE radio. Other modern touches include a ceramic body, providing strength while not interfering with cellular reception; we've been hearing about this tech coming from several manufacturers, but Pantech may be the first to bring it to market. It's not entirely clear from the iffy translation, but Pantech may also be using some sort of Gorilla-Glass-like reinforced display. 

Based on the specs that have been revealed so far, the Racer 2 sounds very much like it could be thePantech IM-A830S we looked into last month. 

Plans are to launch the Vega Racer 2 in Korea, where it could arrive before the end of April. The big question is if this will be one of those Pantech models to largely stay in Asia, or if we'll ever get the chance to see it on a carrier in the West. For now there's been no word of any such plans. 
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